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The social media behemoth that is Facebook has been crushing the game since 2004. Of course, with time, comes change. And as different social media platforms plot to overtake the titan, Facebook is now utilizing new ways to become more unstoppable.

Engadget ES reports that Facebook is prepping to test emoticons to help expand its “Like” feature. This will enable users to do more than simply just “Like” a post, status, or video. On Thursday, the site published mockups of the feature that included several emoticons in addition to Facebook’s traditional “Like” icon.

The report also states that Facebook will use Spain and Ireland as their guinea pigs to gauge the interest level of its users as early as Friday. The emoticons include a sad face, an angry face, a heart, a smiling face, a shocked face, and more.

Meanwhile, Facebook just announced that it’s working on the implementation of the long-awaited “dislike” button.

SOURCE: Engadget ES | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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