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Sophie Turner

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner sat down with the WSJ Cafe in London and revealed she wants her character Sansa Stark to die.

The beauty said of her time on the show: “I don’t want to survive,” adding, “If you’re on ‘Game of Thrones’ and you don’t have a cool death scene, then what’s the point?”

Watch the clip here.

Speaking of Game of Thrones women, we hear they’re going to “rule” the sixth season of the HBO series. HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told Entertainment Weekly:

“The women are rocking this season — and I’m not just saying that because they’re on your cover,” says HBO programming president Michael Lombardo. “Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) always does, but also Brienne (Gwendoline Christie), Arya (Maisie Williams), Sansa (Sophie Turner), Cersei (Lena Headey), Margaery (Natalie Dormer), and other characters too, like Yara (Gemma Whelan). They power this season. It’s organic to the storytelling, yet a radical shift. It’s the women that are the hope that we’re watching as the chess pieces move this season, and it’s very exciting.”

Click here for close-ups of the ladies rocking their respective EW covers.


The Hollywood Reporter ranked all twelve of the Batman movies from worst to best, and The Dark Knight took the #1 spot.

This is just in time, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters this week. THR says of their top pick: “When it first hit screens in July 2008, The Dark Knight immediately raised the bar on a genre known mostly for its unfettered use of CGI and its inescapable cheese factor. With this breakthrough follow-up to his own Batman reboot, Christopher Nolan invented a new kind of superhero movie — a dark, realistic crime thriller steeped in the worlds of Michael Mann and Fritz Lang, with a plot grounded in post-9/11 hysteria. As sequels go, it rarely gets better. And as villains go, the late Heath Ledger’s Joker is one for the ages.”

Check out their ranking here and let us know what you think.

Ice-T stopped by The Tonight Show recently and had a pretty good chat with host Jimmy Fallon.

The actor had everyone laughing out loud when he provided voiceovers for old cartoons and purported them as classics. Check out the clip above.

David Letterman‘s retirement beard is fleekier than yours.

Letterman was all smiles while taking a run on the beach in St. Barts. From Vulture:

“Letterman showed up sporting this athletic look on his vacation in St. Barts, proving that the beard is back (or that it never left). With Easter on the way, this might not be the season for the big white beard, but Dave’s making retirement beard an every-season thing.”

See a photo above.

SOURCE: EW, THRVulture | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Splash News, Twitter

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