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Celebrities arrive to the Tidal X 10/20 show in Brooklyn

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Throughout this year’s presidential election process, Vic Mensa was one of the main celebrities telling people to get out and vote.

The Chicago rapper recently penned an essay for Billboard to process and share his feelings about the election results that scored Donald Trump his big win. Vic says in the essay he feels the results of the election were necessary because of the current state of the country. He wrote, “I realized that this had to happen because we’ve been pacified by having Barack Obama in office. That pacification would have only continued by having Hillary [Clinton] elected.”

He continued, “We’ve been getting killed in the streets by police like dogs with a black president in the White House and there’s no accountability for those white officers. We already had to motherf**king watch our back. This was not a safe place for us to begin with.” 

The young social justice advocate ended his essay: “We need to unify and decide what it is that we really believe in—that’s what we need to fight for. We can’t just fight against injustice. We gotta fight for justice.” 

Do you agree with Vic Mensa’s statements? Check out his full essay for Billboard here.

SOURCE: Billboard

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