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My guy T-Pain is a great gift giver. I met up with him in New York City for a quick catch-up before the holiday season and he told me about his problem: his friends don’t know what to get a guy who has everything.

So what do you get a man like T-Pain for Christmas? Here are 5 gift ideas for that hard to please gentleman in your life.

1: Something thoughtful. Sure, you can’t buy him a Maserati, but you can get him a well thought-out present that really adds to his life. Is his wallet an out of control mess like George Costanza’s? Then get him a nice new leather one. Just think about what he needs and act accordingly. Warning: if you know he only wears Louis Vuitton belts, don’t buy him a Michael Kors belt as a substitute. He won’t like it.

2: A nice liquor brand. It’s called spirits for a reason, and getting that guy a top shelf bottle of liquor can go a long way. If you look hard enough, you can find a gift-worthy bottle of his favorite brand that he will only break out on special occasions.

3: Tickets to a game. Christmas is sports season; there’s basketball, football and hockey games going on all the time right now, so why not get him tickets to see his favorite team? Throw in some merchandise and you’ve gone above and beyond.

4: Shoes. Men love shoes just as much as women do. A nice pair of Jordan’s or a stylish pair of hard bottoms can change a man’s ‘fit instantly.

5: Money. You can’t really go wrong here. Maybe you think it’s a cop-out, but it beats getting him a robe he’ll never wear. Just give him money in a stylish new wallet clip and move on with your life.

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