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1. 1. After watching Rihanna’s honest interview, everyone definitely wants to hear what Chris Brown has to say about that “infamous” Grammy weekend night.

2. 2. Courtney Love has gone through many personal trials and tribulations. Oprah and Courtney should have a lot to talk about.

3. 3. Kanye West doesn’t like the media, but maybe Oprah would be able to get him to open up about his mother, his controversial statements, and his new love: Kim Kardashian.

4. 4. After R.Kelly’s interview with BET and his “define teenage” comment, Oprah’s “Next Chapter” would be the perfect interview for him to explain himself or not.

5. 5. After the release of Nas’ “Life Is Good” album, everyone is wondering why Kelis decided to pack up and leave. Maybe Oprah can get the “Milkshake” singer to talk?

6. 6. DMX has had a tumultuous life. From spending time in jail to battling addiction, we’re sure Oprah will have DMX crying by the end of her interview.

7. 7. With thoughts of suicide to drug addiction, Eminem rarely opens up about his life. It would be cool to see him talk more about his daughter Hayley and who Marshall Mathers really is.

8. 8. After her meltdown in 2007, Britney Spears hasn’t quite gotten her mojo back. Fans definitely want to hear Britney explain her head shave and erratic behavior.

9. 9. Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee is no stranger to controversy. He was married to one of the hottest women, Pamela Anderson, and has been in some trouble over the years.

10. 10. Prince is probably one of the most mysterious artists to date. He vowed many years ago to never do interviews, but fans would love to see him open up to Oprah.

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