1. Heyyy, Miss Jackson.

2. Possibly the most iconic hairstyle in one of the greatest Janet videos.

3. “Break it down, break it down.”

4. Janet Jackson was truly the GOAT when it came to rocking dookie braids back in “Poetic Justice.”

5. Let us never forget this Rolling Stone cover.

6. Or this one.

7. Janet on the cover of Blender in 2001.

8. Look at that body!

9. Effortlessly bringing back sexy-cool.

10. Oh, OK Janet.

11. #Flawless

12. Janet Jackson stripped down for Vibe in 2006.

13. Look at them abs!

14. Janet Jackson graced the pages of King in 2006.

15. Well, damn.

16. Gotdamn!

17. She still got it.