1. We love you, Will.

2. What an amazing smile…

3. Looking good, Will.

4. Some of Will’s best moments are when he’s with his family.

5. Looking good, Will.

6. Suited up! Will talks business with Jay Z.

7. Obviously, Will was looking good…that’s passion!

8. Talk your shit, Will.

9. Will looks great in all black everything.

10. Will looks extremely handsome while posing with Jada and the kids.

11. Grown man shit…

12. Even when he’s turnt up, he looks good.

13. Get it, Will.

14. Obviously, Jada thinks her husband is scrumptious.

15. That smile…

16. Show ’em what you’re working with.

17. Jada clings to her hubby’s ripped body.

18. Will tries to be modest while covering up those muscles of his.

19. Will shows off his good skin and waves.

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