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1. Chrissy Teigen shows off a whole lotta leg.

2. Chrissy shows off her Alexander Wang digs and a couple accessories of her own.

3. Chrissy and her lady lumps make a splash at the beach.

chrissy Teigen Beach Bunny Swimwear

4. Chrissy Teigen for Beach Bunny swimwear.

5. A busted zipper can’t stop that smize.

6. Oh, just a little pilates to keep limber and whatnot.

7. How delicious does her pea soup look?

8. “Pretending to be Beyoncé,” she says. Flawless, we say.

9. Just another day in the life of a model.

10. Who needs clothes when you’ve got a body like that? Bunny ears will do just fine.

11. Oh, hello, John Legend!

12. A behind-the-scenes bikini shot.

13. Um, her eyes are up there!

14. Chrissy shows a little skin for sexy sophistication.

15. Working hard or hardly working?

16. Post up, flawless.

17. Sexiest curve on a woman’s body? Her smile.

18. Suns out, buns out!

19. Chrissy and her tatas before the MTV Movie Awards.

20. Crop top Chrissy.

21. John is a lucky, lucky guy.

22. Towel loungin’.

23. A little lace and a little leg.

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