1. Jay Z looks out over the City of Light.

2. Jay Z and Beyonce enjoy an extravagant meal during their stay in Paris.

3. B sneaks a photo of Jay and Blue through the railings of a staircase.

4. Beyonce snaps a quick picture of the chandelier hanging high above the cathedral.

5. How gorgeous is Paris at night?!

6. Queen Bey shares a snap of a memorial set out in the church.

7. Check out that floral arrangement!

8. Blue Ivy channels her musical talents, playing the church’s organ.

9. Bey gives fans a look at some of the ornate details that make up this gorgeous gothic cathedral.

10. Yum!

11. Mrs. Carter gives her hubby a little camera time while checking out the cathedral.

12. Bey snaps a photo of some of the beautiful architecture in Paris.

13. The Carters take a moment to reflect in front of the church’s burning prayer candles.

14. Beyonce snaps a photo of these menswear-inspired oxfords.

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