1. Blue and Jay share a tender moment

2. The Carters take over the Louvre in Paris

3. The Carters stand by a famous statue

4. Blue is the photographer of the day!

5. The Carters take Blue Ivy up the famous stairs at the Louvre

6. Beyonce & Jay Z pose it up with Mona Lisa

7. Beyonce strikes a pose with a fierce statue

8. Beyonce and Jay Z mimic one of the affectionate statues

9. Beyonce is a selfie expert, just like this statue

10. Blue Ivy Carter channels her inner Marilyn Monroe

11. Beyonce and this statue have their selfie game down

12. Bey throws up the Roc at the Louvre art ceiling

13. Beyonce captures another piece

14. Beyonce stands in front of a huge painting canvas

15. Jay and Blue share a father-daughter moment

16. Bey captures another painting piece

17. Blue makes sure her mommy Bey knows she is loved

18. Blue Ivy has some fun with her famous parents

19. Beyonce shows off her selfie game at the Louvre

20. Blue and daddy Hov share an adorable moment in the museum

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