1. 21 Savage got his whole face made into a chain

Face off @21savage #ganggang

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2. Peep Offset’s “Drip” Chain

@elliotavianne N E W P I E C E A L E R T πŸ’§ RAINDROP

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3. Forget the “Lil Boat” moniker. Yachty got him a Big Boat chain

4. Word is, this is Cardi B’s bloody chain

Bloody Moves... @iamcardib 🀘🏼

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5. Remember Soulja Boy’s Black diamond Lambo pendant?

6. Or what about his Super Mario pendant?

7. Leave it to Lil Boosie to turn himself into a diamond sculpted chain

9. Travis Scott’s chain is on some next level ish.

Ask @travisscott Where You Shoulda Went.. πŸ‘‘πŸ’Ž

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12. Everything T-Pain does is BIG. Including his chains


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13. Not sure why Cee-Lo has a Love & Hip Hop ring but…

14. Young Thug “Slime” chain is crazy icy!

15. Old Gucci might be the king of ignant jewelry.

16. Rick Ross’ chain of his famous face goes down in jewelry history