1. It turns out only the females bite.

2017 Women's Empowerment Expo Source:Getty

2. The females actually bite to feed on your blood…they need the protein to develop their eggs.

#BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference Source:Getty

3. Many only live up to 2 months, though some reportedly make it to 5 or 6 months…goodbye and good riddance.


4. Some mosquitoes bite frogs and birds instead of humans. That’s right, spread the love.

Angry Birds Source:Rovio

5. They are considered the most dangerous creature on the planet due to the number of human deaths they cause each year (over 1 million).

Donald Trump in Nevada. Source:Getty

6. Pregnant women are said to get bitten twice as much as other people, so cover up ladies!

Chrissy Teigen pregnant, baby bump Source:Splash News
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