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1. 1. Joseline scowls, most likely at Mimi, about Steebie and how much she luuuhs him.

2. 2. “Dichew eba really lub me Steebie?”

3. 3. “Mimi don’t run nothing over here and Mimi don’t run nothing over there neither.”

4. 4. Joseline Hernandez rocks bright-colored makeup while flipping the bird at the camera!

5. 5. “Everybody think she a bad b*tch, he get all the b*tches, it’s not really about Stevie getting in my pants. You know what I’m saying, I want Stevie forever.”

6. 6. “Til’ you see us kissing, til’ you see us sexing don’t come at me with that. I can’t help that I’m beautiful and I can’t help that he beautiful and yeah when we step in the building we look real good together. But Stevie and I have great chemistry and I can’t help that!”

7. 7. Joseline is boob-a-licious and smirking at her haters!

8. 8. Joseline & K. Michelle are seen partying it up together recently. Does this mean all the girls, including Mimi Faust, are cool!?!

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