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1. As if Britney Spears and Rihanna wearing tight leather outfits on stage isn’t epic enough, the pop stars’ tongue wrestled during a performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

2. Aubrey O’Day and Kathy Griffin wag tongues at the Bravo A-List Awards.

3. A young Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie lock lips for the film “Gia.”

4. Amanda Seyfried laid a wet one on Julianne Moore in their film “Chloe.”

5. The late Brittany Murphy gave co-star Marcia Gay Harden a smooch at the premiere for their film “The Dead Girl.”

6. Jessica Biel tried a lot of things before becoming Mrs. Timberlake, even kissing Sarah Silverman at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.

7. After winning an MTV Movie Award back in 2004, Carmen Electra celebrated by smooching on stage with Paris Hilton.

8. It’s obvious that Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne are two of the hottest stars and neither are afraid of a little girl-on-girl action.

9. Carrie Bradshaw called herself an old fart for being afraid of a girl-on-girl tongue action. At least she went through with it with Alanis Morissette on-screen!

10. When Sandra Bullock wants a kiss, she’s going to get it. Even if it is from Meryl Streep.

11. The kiss between Britney Sprears and Madonna opened the Lesbihonest flood gates at the VMAs.

12. Christina Aguilera was the third member in the infamous MTV Award kiss between herself, Britney Spears and Madonna.

13. Couple Erica Mena and Cyn Santana have absolutely no problem with PDA.

love and hip hop new york premiere party

14. After her divorce from Jesse James back in 2010, Sandra Bullock proved that she had moved on by laying a wet one on Scarlett Johansson at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

15. Rita Ora making out with Kate Moss is a British blast!

kate moss rita ora kiss

16. This is not the first time that Chris Brown’s main squeeze Karrueche and his homie Teyanna Taylor have been spotted out looking like more than just friends. We’re sure that it won’t be the last.

17. These two British bombshells (Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller) share a peck for Instagram.

18. We all know that neither Katy Perry nor Miley Cyrus are strangers to kissing girls. They’re a match made in heaven.

Miley Cyrus Katy perry kiss twitter Source:instagram

19. Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams are an unlikely pair, but the two locked lips in a steamy episode of HBO’s “GIRLS.”

20. RiRi and Katy! These BFF’s may be the poster children for Lesbihonest.

21. Miley Cyrus was kissing chicks way before she was twerking. She locked lips with her back up dancer back in 2008.

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