1. Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle had duck faces in their destiny.

2. Nicki Minaj and her pasties are serving major duck face

3. Selena Gomez and her duck face are serving major cuteness

4. Drake+GQ= Duck face classic

5. A Drizzy Drake duck face moment for the books

6. Nicki Minaj reverts to her go-to puckered up expression

Nicki Minaj Boob

7. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj show us all how it is done

8. Kim Kardashian in her puckered up prime

9. Ashley Benson is more then a “Pretty Little Liar” with this lip action

10. Demi Lovato and Naya Rivera pucker up for the camera

11. Kendall & Kylie are never ones to shy away from the camera

12. Bria Murphy is simply gorgeous. Duck face and all!

13. Snooki and her red hair are red hot

14. Ariana Grande and Rihanna make us all want to flaunt our duck face

15. Christina Milian gives her pursed lip a little bit of a remix

16. Adrienne Bailon give us “The Real” with this pose

17. Khloe and Kylie show their sisterly love in an ode to the duck face

18. Kelis ain’t afraid to show us her lips

19. Lena Dunham shows her love for “synergy” and the duck face

20. Amber Rose and her purple hair are shockingly awesome

21. Sanaa Lathan in her glory

22. Jhene Aiko looks angelic while giving duck face

23. Gladiators rejoice and pucker up

24. Oh Miley!

25. The many faces of Demi

26. Denise Vasi and hubby, Anthony Mandler are a match made in duck face heaven

27. Rihanna is flawless in her duck face pose

Rihanna no makeup Instagram

28. James Franco gives his rendition of the duck face

29. Amber Rose gives major duck face alongside, King Bey

30. Amber Rose is a sight for sore eyes

31. Nazani Mandi shows us how it is done

32. Super model steez? Chanel Iman gives major duck face

33. Kardashian baby bliss and duck face

34. Ashley Benson does the duck face right

35. Khloe puckers up while getting her makeup done

36. Victoria’s Secret angels can give duck face too

37. Talia Castellano lost her battle to cancer this year. Luckily, she left us plenty to remember her by.

38. “Pretty Little Liars” show us how the duck face is done

39. Miley strikes again

40. All hail Queen Bey

41. Kendall Kylie gives us classic duck face

42. Miley and her red lips are werkin’ the duck face

43. Red and pink lippe unite for this duck fest invasion

44. Kim K keeps her lips in pristine shape as she models her duck face

45. Karrueche chucks the dueces and purses those lips

46. Vanessa Hudgens and her multi-colored tresses don the perfect duck face

47. Hello Kitty!

48. Vanessa Hudgens is a beauty- duck face and all

49. Stephen Colbert and his attempt at the duck face had us all laughing

50. Draya stands out as she flaunts her duck face

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