1. North West wasn’t feeling her first meeting with Kanye’s friend Riccardo Tisci.

2. Rihanna: “Aww, You’re Blue Ivy.” Blue Ivy: “Thank You.”

3. The first time Diddy met Kingston Rossdale, things were ummm, cordial, to say the least.

4. Director Spike Lee and actor Mark Wahlberg put their sports differences aside to kick it with Mark’s son Brendan Wahlberg.

5. Reunited! Kiyan Anthony pulls on Jeremy Lin’s neck.

6. Malia Obama could barely contain herself when she met Justin Bieber.

7. Romeo Beckham was part of the “Entourage” when his dad chatted with Jeremy Piven.

8. Jennifer Hudson’s son DJ, or David Jr., got to hang out with Sir Elton John.

9. Alicia Keys’ son Egypt got to meet Beyonce at a basketball game.

10. Baby Egypt was excited to meet celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

11. Young Justin Combs didn’t seem too concerned with the legend Janet Jackson being in his presence.

12. Kiyan gave Kelly Rowland a giant hug.

13. Jamie Foxx’s daughter Annalise Bishop got to meet a ton of celebs at the 2015 Grammys, including Rihanna.

14. Fast forward to when Justin was 16, he enjoyed his kiss from Lil Kim.

15. Everyone was chill, but it looks like Willow wasn’t feeling Luda’s daughter Karma Bridges. That side eye tho.

16. Lil Romeo had to make sure he got some up close and personal time with the lovely Jessica Alba.

17. Jaden was on chill mode when his dad Will Smith introduced him to Mandy Moore.

18. Dwyane Wade’s boys got to meet Nick Cannon at a Nickelodeon event.

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