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1. 1. Justin Bieber has probably already taken the lead for the king-of-the-summer crown. His sophomore LP, <i>Believe</i>, is on pace to have the biggest opening for any album this year.

2. 2. Kanye West has no official solo album scheduled to drop this summer. But like “Way Too Cold” taught us — one song from the rapper can shut sh*t down.

3. 3. Rick Ross is going to be part of two of the biggest projects to come out this summer: the MMG album, <i>Self Made Vol. 2</i> and his own solo album, <i>God Forgives, I Don’t</i>.

4. 4. The young spitter Meek Mill has become the second most vital member of the MMG crew. Not only is his mixtape, <i>Dreamchasers 2</i>, still buzzing, but he will play a major role in upcoming projects like <i>Self Made Vol. 2</i> and his debut album, <i>Dreams & Nightmares</i>.

5. 5. Everything seems like it’s in place for the Bronx-native to take over the game. He makes good songs, plus he’s rolling with some of the strongest players in rap: Rick Ross and Diddy.

6. 6. G.O.O.D. Music’s album <i>Cruel Summer</i> drops on August 7th. And even though it’s a group project, it seems like they are pushing Pusha T the hardest, who has released bangers like “Exodus 23:1” and “In This Ho (Lambo)” over the last couple of weeks.

7. 7. What can we say: controversy sells, so Chris Brown’s fight with Drake last week is only going to help his buzz. It doesn’t hurt that the music from his new album, <i>Fortune</i>, is pretty damn good.

8. 8. 2 Chainz has been killing everything he’s been on for the last year. Now it’s time to kill his own debut album, which is expected to drop this fall. His Drake-assisted single, “No Lie,” is already one of the summer’s hottest songs. Truuuuu.

9. 9. Nicki’s sophomore album, <i>Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded</i>, might have dropped over two months ago, but that doesn’t matter. There are so many bangers on that CD that she could drop a potential hit at any point throughout the next couple of months.

10. 10. <i>Life is Good</> for rapper Nas. His comeback has been solidified with the success of “The Don” and the touching “Daughters.”

11. 11. Usher’s summer is off to a great start. His seventh studio album, <i>Looking 4 Myself,</i> was the number one album in the country in its first week. Plus, follow up singles to “Climax” like “Scream” and the Rick Ross-assisted “Lemme See” are already smashes.

12. 12. “Goldie” the first single off of A$AP’s debut album, <i>LongLiveA$AP</i>, has been heating up the streets for months now. What’s going to be the follow up?

13. 13. Waka Flocka has released one of the strongest albums of the year with his sophomore project, <i>Triple F Life</i>. There’s plenty of summer bangers on that album. POW POW!

14. 14. “Work Hard, Play Hard” hasn’t reached “Black and Yellow,” status, but it still goes hard. The next single he releases will really determine his summer reign.

15. 15. Frank Ocean’s official solo album, <i>Channel Orange</i>, is expected to drop on July 17. The singer has already released a ton of amazing music over the months including “Summer Remains,” “Whip Appeal” and “Channel Orange,” which is the title of the album.

16. 16. The Black Hippy crew leader Kendrick Lamar is the first one up to bat with a major solo release. Lamar is already heating up the streets with his Dr. Dre-assisted single, “The Recipe.”

17. 17. Azealia Banks has three projects dropping over the summer. The <i>1991</i> EP, which just dropped, a mixtape, <i>Fantastic</i> and an album, <i>Broke With Expensive Taste</i>.

18. 18. Our boy T.I. has been trying to stay out of trouble, man. He’s been doing this by just releasing good songs like “Love This Life” and “Like That,” which will be on his upcoming <i>Trouble Man</i> album.

19. 19. Don’t ever doubt 50. He hasn’t ruled over a summer in some time now, but that doesn’t mean he can’t turn it up at any moment. Rappers be warned: His new album, <i>5 (Murder by Numbers)</i> is dropping in July.

20. 20. “Hammer Dance” was the group’s street single off of their new album, <i>Welcome to: Our House</i>. The streets was only step one. The group is trying to take over the commercial charts with follow up single, “My Life,” which features Southern O.G. Cee Lo.

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