1. So Cute! Baby Bash Munchin’ On His Feet.

2. This Was Baby Bash’s First Day At The Beach.

3. Bash Was The Cutest Little Lion For Halloween.

4. Taking A Nap With Daddy.

5. Kisses From Mommy.

6. Precious Father-Son Moment.

7. Sebastian Relaxing Like A King.

8. So Sweet! Amber Shares This Cute Pic.

9. Happy Mommy, Happy Baby.

10. Amber Gives Her Adorable Son Kisses.

11. Too Cute For Words.

12. Wiz Holds On To His Son Sebastian Tight.

13. More Pics Of Bash’s Halloween Costume.

14. Amber Is So In Love With Her Son.

15. Legs Up!

16. Wiz Shares A Pic Lying With Baby Bash.

17. Bash Is Getting So Big!

18. Kisses For The Baby.

19. Amber Smiling At Her Little Cutie.

20. This Kid Is So Fly Already! Bash’s Adorable Socks.

21. Bash & his mama show off their precious smiles for the ‘gram!

22. Bash keeps it cool like is pops in a Boy London hat.

23. Being this cute ain’t easy!

24. Despite all the dope toys Santa stopped by with for little Bash, he’d rather play with his Pampers.

25. Bash & Wiz kickin’ it on the computer.

26. Wiz & Amber take Bash to the spot they had their first date. Aw!

27. Bash shows just how stylish a baby can be, sporting his mama’s shades.

28. The many adorable faces of Sebastian!

29. Bash checks out all his new toys!

30. Family time! Bash hangs with his mom & uncle at the aquarium.

31. Wiz & Bash on Instagram straight flexin’!

32. Bash spends a little QT loungin’ on the couch with his uncle.

33. Bash and his adorable homies chase bubbles together.

34. Ready for Santa!

35. Mommy gives Sebastian a little lesson in walking & playing with his puppy siblings.

36. Daddy & Bash having a little chat.

37. Aw! Aren’t they adorable?

38. We think this photo is Christmas card material! What about you?

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